Our goal is for the customer to enjoy a unique immersive experience, visiting the very best locations thanks to a subjective 360º virtual journey.

360º video consists in re-filming a location with cameras simultaneously taping in every direction. The recorded video can be seen using virtual reality glasses, on a web site or in local files. It’s possible to control the direction of the view with head movements and rotation, with a simple stroke of the finger on a tablet or smartphone, or by using a mouse.

We have the technical and narrative know-how to produce all of the stages needed to create a high quality spherical video at a resolution of 8K.

A Virtual Tour is a set of 360º panoramic photos linked together to create a space in which the user can move about freely. The user is always the main protoganist.

We create a totally immersive experience that integrates the full range of multimedia contents into the Virtual Tour, such as sound, photos, videos, etc.

Our experience allows us to offer high quality photography in which we pay close attention to even the smallest detail, as well as providing a high level of customization with the Virtual Tour. The result, in HTML5 format, is then ready to be integrated into any web site to be enjoyed with the use of virtual reality glasses.